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Troodos Mountains 

The Troodos mountains offer welcome respite to anyone suffering from an overdose of Mediterranean beach life. The Troodos mountains form the country's backbone, stretching across Western Cyprus and rising to a height of nearly 2,000 metres.


Driving up the helter-skelter of hairpins and switchbacks of the Troodos mountains takes you back in time to an older and wiser Cyprus; a world away from the bustle of the coast. Hiking trails weave through forests to half-forgotten villages, glorious Byzantine churches and remote monasteries.

Pine resin scents the crisp mountain air and it's easy to believe that little has changed since the first visionaries and churchmen chose Troodos as their pious retreat. The Troodos mountains are littered with Orthodox churches, ten of which are now protected with UNESCO world heritage status.

The churches of Asinou, Panayia Tou Araka, and the Archangel Michael are notable highlights and well worth a visit. A glimpse of monastic life can be found at the celebrated monasteries of Kykko  (20km West of Pedhoulas) and the spectacular Ayios Ioannis Lamndhistis (near the village of Kalopanayiotis). Local monks are happy to welcome visitors and pilgrims alike.


If you're in Cyprus between December and March, it's also possible to go skiing in the Troodos mountains.